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You Voted, Now What?

61 minutes

Whew!! We made it to the other side of another Election Day…..what do we do now? Listen as L. Joy breaks down what we need to do to continue to be #CivicallyEngaged after we vote.

Joy shares the story of how she met 2016 National Teacher of the Year Award winner Jahana Hayes and celebrates her historic win during the “Sistas to Watch” segment powered by Higher Heights of America.
Now that you have voted…  what?? L. Joy’s lesson details four (4) things to keep you #CivicallyEngaged post Election Day.

Stay in contact with the network you built (volunteers, campaign staff, etc)
Review the voting procedures in your state. Were their problems, voter suppression or faulty machines? Engage with your state on improving voting conditions.
Develop your legislative agenda and plan to present it to your elected representatives.
Educate yourself (When is the budget cycle? When does your city council and legislature meet? What issues are priority in your area?)

Sal Albanese shares his #FirstCivicAction as a “late bloomer” at the age of 25, and how the education system moved him to action on his local school board. He then shares his life in politics and his insightful point of view on politics today.

Sal was a New York City public school teacher for eleven years. In 1982, at the urging of community residents, he ran for City Council and defeated a 21-year incumbent and Republican-Conservative Minority Leader. Sal won re-election four times, representing the people of southwestern Brooklyn until 1997 when he became a candidate for Mayor of New York City.

For the past 19 years, Sal has worked in the private sector in the legal and financial fields. He received his B.A. in Education from CUNY’s York College, earned an M.A. in Health Science from NYU, and received his law degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1990.

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