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What’s Policy and What’s Law?

52 minutes

L. Joy sets aside the #CivicDocket to give us a quick breakdown of the difference between a policy and a law and we begin the first of many discussions on Universal Basic Income (UBI) with film maker, actor, writer and UBI advocate Conrad Shaw.

5:30 - What can you do in the civics space when you are feeling overwhelmed by daily events? L. Joy explains what #CivicAction can take during these times that are in flux.

9:30 - What is the difference between a law and a policy? L. Joy breaks it down and which branch of government is responsible for which. Then using federal and local examples teaches us and how we can use this greater understanding to frame our arguments with clarity and understanding.  

22:15 - L. Joy welcomes actor, writer, filmmaker and UBI activist, Conrad Shaw for the beginning of our discussion on Universal Basic Income (UBI), which for some is a radical idea, but has been around since Martin Luther King and the Poor People’s Campaign of 1967-1968.

25:51 - L. Joy and Conrad define UBI, how it could be implemented and what are the possible advantages and disadvantages.

36:00 - Conrad breaks down the docuseries being created with award-winning documentary film maker Deia Schlosberg for Pale Blue Dot Media, “Boostraps” (coming to us in 2020) which uses a small sampling of individuals and families (20 people, 12 stories) who are receiving funds through an existing basic income pilot program and documenting the effects if has on the participants, to bring a greater understanding to the public on UBI.

42:50 - Conrad shares additional resources to find out more about UBI you can find on his Medium page, then continues to try to convince L. Joy on the concept with various examples because he believes UBI “sells itself. Basic income is so fundamentally right, and so wildly visionary and unique, that I only need to plant that seed and it'll grow in your mind and soul like thirsty ivy. I've seen it happen many times now.”

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