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What We Should Demand of “Big Tech”

52 minutes

On this episode of #SundayCivics L. Joy shares where she’s been and what she has been doing
with Higher Heights, sends love to our “Lawya” Lurie Daniel Favors and continues our
conversation surrounding technology and our online data, which we believe will move you to
#GetCivicallyEngaged, with Comedian, Writer and Activist Baratunde Thurston.

A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow the hashtag #CivicDocket on Twitter or view more here.

The Ohio Purge and the Future of Voting
Maine Voters To Decide On Whether They'll Rank Candidates In Future Elections

12:12 - #10for2018: Let’s get the more than 50 million people who are eligible Registered to Vote this season! Take the challenge…just register 10 people. We can do this! Use our online Voter Registration Tool to get started and if you need suggestions, check out L. Joy’s #TakeCivicAction Friday video! Share with us you progress!

13:48 - Check out our friends at Lola & Doe! They have a full range of all-natural body products! Use our code CIVICS at checkout to save on your smell-goods!

Baratunde Thurston is a futurist comedian, writer, and cultural critic who helped re-launch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, co-founded Cultivated Wit and the About Race podcast, and wrote the New York Times bestseller How To Be Black. He was nominated for a Daytime Emmy award as host of the Spotify/Mic series, Clarify and is a highly sought-after public speaker, television personality, and thought leader who has been part of noteworthy institutions such as Fast Company, TED, the MIT Media Lab, The Onion, and the gentrification of Brooklyn, New York.

14:50 - Joy and Baratunde discuss what he’s been up to since writing his New York Times Bestseller “How to Be Black”  and he shares his #FirstCivicAction.

23:40 - How did the Glass Room get Baratunde to go on a Data Detox? And what is a Data Detox? Baratunde breaks it all down explaining our online data, who knows what about you and what they may be doing with it.

34:32 - Baratunde shares his “A New Tech Manifesto”, #Manifestunde, which includes six demands that can be made to Big Tech to make technology work best for everyone.


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Start listening to “You will never be able to out white a white man…”
Start listening to “You will never be able to out white a white man…”