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What is the Role of Congress?

52 minutes

We are counting down to the midterm election with a discussion on the role of Congress featuring an interview with Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke (D-NY 9th District). Whether you have already decided on a candidate or if you are still weighing who best represents your political values, use this episode for insights on the job your elected representative should be doing for you in Congress.

First, Congresswoman Clarke shares her #FirstCivicAction which she experienced by way of her parents’ civic action in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville section of Brooklyn during the New York City Teacher’s Strike of 1968. Her story shows how she learned that through civic engagement you can shape your community’s schools leading to a great Public School Education.

L. Joy then gives us the history of the United States Congress. She’s explaining how the House of Representatives was designed to be the voice of the people, how long the term the Representatives serve, why there is a Senate and a House, and what they are responsible for in the Government. L. Joy also recommends reviewing Schoolhouse Rock for how a bill becomes a law.

Representative Yvette D. Clarke shares what she sees as her role as a member of Congress, gives a rundown of the top issues constituents come to the office for and answers if she feels a special “burden” being a woman of color in Congress.


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