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50 minutes

Redistricting is the process of drawing electoral district lines. This is the process that happens after the Census. Next year, April of 2020 to be exact, the government will begin counting every person in the country. After we get the count, states will begin the process of redrawing electoral lines. L. Joy brings Commissioner Maria Blanco of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission to the front of the class to discuss redistricting. Gaby Goldstein and Lyzz Schwegler of Sister District also join to discuss their work around state legislatures.
Our Guests
María Blanco is executive director of the University of California Immigrant Legal Services Center which provides legal services to undocumented students on nine UC campuses. She was elected to the Public Policy Institute of California's Board of Directors in 2010 and also serves on the board of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Gaby Goldstein is a Co-Founder & Political Director at Sister District Project (SDP), and Director of Research at Sister District Action Network (SDAN). Sister District's mission is to build Democratic majorities in state legislatures, raise awareness about the importance of state legislatures, and facilitate progressive policy transfer between legislators and states.

Lyzz Schewgler is a Co-Founder & Communications Director of Sister District Project (SDP). She leads all communications strategy and execution for Sister District, and works closely with the tech department to develop and implement the organization's technical infrastructure and digital engagement.

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