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Let’s Make a Vote Plan

52 minutes

Studies show that you are more likely to make it to the polls if you actively make a plan to vote. Our civics teacher walks us through making our plan step-by-step so we can make our voice heard during #Midterms2018.

First, L. Joy and the team are celebrating one year with SiriusXM Urban View. They’re giving thanks to the woman that made sure the show had a home there, Professor Karen Hunter and shouting out our great channel mates The Topeka K Sam Show (on at 9am EST), Momentum Advisors (on at 11am EST) with Tiffany Hawkins & Allan Boomer and Next Nation with Sylvia K Alston (on at 12pm EST).

For our anniversary, L. Joy has a present for you: “L. Joy Williams Political Strategist” snippet! Now you’ve heard a piece of the origin song!

For this week's lesson, L. Joy helps us get our vote plan together! 

Verify Your Voter Status - Make sure your registration is up to date. Look up your local board of elections or Secretary of State for ways to verify online or by phone.
Where Is Your Poll Site? - Reach out to your local board of elections, State Secretary of State or google “where is my polling site” with your zip code.
When Will You Vote?

Are you early voting or voting on Election Day?
What time are you going? Before work? At lunch? On the way home from work?
How are you getting there - Walking? Driving? Several municipalities and companies are offering rides across the country, google to find out what’s happening in your area and share what you find out.

Do You Need ID to Vote? - Some states will require you to have valid identification to cast your ballot. Again, you can reach out to your local board of elections, Secretary of State or organizations like VoteRiders can help with ID questions.
Do You Know What’s On Your Ballot? - Know the candidates and any ballot initiatives etc. on the ballot by again asking your local board of elections, State Secretary of State or groups like the League of Women Voters and websites like Ballotpedia can help you with info about what and who is on your ballot.
Who Are You Taking With You? - Prime voters don't go to the polls alone. How many people are you bringing with you? Are you texting your friends and neighbors to meet you there?

Lastly put your plan into action. Make sure to VOTE on Tuesday, November 6th!

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