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How to Become a Democratic Convention Delegate

49 minutes

Rev. Leah Daughtry returns to the front of the class to give us a lesson on how to become a delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention. The process is different in each state and there have been some changes as it pertains to superdelegates.
Delegate Selection Rules
State Party Websites
(Visit the state party website for the detailed delegate selection plan for your state.)

Our Guest
Rev. Leah Daughtry is an expert in strategic and event planning, project management, and community engagement. As president and CEO of a boutique strategic planning firm, On These Things, LLC, she’s built a formidable reputation for transforming businesses and organizations into well run entities primed for global impact.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Leah’s parents, Reverend Doctors Herbert and Karen Daughtry, raised her in a home where activism was the norm and leadership was a way of life. The eldest of four siblings.

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Government at Dartmouth College, Leah started her political career on Capitol Hill, followed by a position within the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”). While at the DNC, she met and was mentored by then-DNC Chief of Staff, Alexis Herman. Leah thrived under Herman’s leadership and would later join her at the Labor Department when she became the U.S. Secretary of Labor.

In both 2008 and 2016, Leah served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Democratic National Convention Committee, making her the first person in Democratic Party history to hold the position twice. Her success in this role was a direct outcome of her brilliance as a strategist, in combination with her natural ability to develop, lead, and inspire teams.

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