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Governing Our “Persistent Human Problems”

52 minutes

Isn’t clean air, safe & nutritious food and potable water important to you? Who manages your trash or makes sure there is electricity? On this episode of #SundayCivics, L. Joy begins the conversation about our public utilities and the agencies that regulate them with guest Ibrahim Salih Abdul-Matin.
One Town's Decades Long Struggle For Cleaner Air’s What the USDA’s New Nutrition Rules Mean for the 30 Million Children Eating School Lunches How the Trash Industry Worked Overtime Trying to Thwart New York City’s Reform Plans
Show Guest
Ibrahim has a long history working on environmental policy and has expertise in the public, private, and civic sectors on several affairs including sustainability, technology, community engagement, sports, and new media. He has served as the sustainability policy advisor to Mayor Bloomberg and currently serves as the Director of Community Affairs at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. He is a former Outward Bound instructor, helped found the Brooklyn Academy for Science and the Environment, and blended youth organizing and technology while at the Movement Strategy Center.

 Ibrahim’s unique message can be heard on Al Jazeera, FOX News and ABC News, and his writings can be found in many publications including The Washington Post,, the Muslim Observer, Thought,, and more. His book, Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet explores how faith and environmentalism intersect.
Get your water tested wherever you live, find out if there are programs available.Look into insurance for the service line for the water from your home to the street - service line protection program.Find out it here are Energy subsidies in your state you could be taking advantage ofDevelop political orientation/join existing orgs. to push elected officials to no longer rely on fossil fuels.Agencies that deal with water/food/ etc. support the workers, they are on the frontlines of our safety.Push elected officials and entities that are managing waste, etc. to make sure they are as efficient as possible.Have air quality tested and find out what are the air quality protocols in your area.

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